31 And Grey

My name is Alex, I’m 31 years old and under my dodgy packet-dyed hair, I am totally grey. I have been dyeing my hair regularly for about 15 years. Given that I haven’t been my natural colour in all that time, it’s hard to say exactly when I started to go grey, but I think it was when I was about 22. I am now sure, given the colour of my root growth, that I would be 100% grey if I weren’t dyeing my hair. For a long time, I was horrified by this prospect, but as I am getting older (and lazier), I am coming around to the idea of going fully grey. Personally I think grey hair looks fabulous, and can look very chic and modern. There are a few naturally grey young’uns in the public eye, such as Sarah Harris from Vogue who is 35 and looking fabulous, but you don’t see many women below 45 who have embraced grey naturally.

 So anyway, this is a big decision for me, and after a bit of googling, it looks like there is a lack of information for women my age(ish), wanting to go grey but not knowing how. Going grey is obviously a fact of life for most people. However, the average age for women finding their first grey is 33. So there aren’t many women in my position, finding themselves almost totally grey at an ‘uncomfortable age’. I am hoping that by starting this blog, I may be able to help other people who want to embrace grey hair at a young age. In the short time since I decided to take the plunge, I have asked myself a lot of questions:

Should I just let the grey grow out and put up with a band of grey roots until all of the dyed hair has been cut away? – probably a year plus. 

Should I use a dye stripper? – probably terrible for your hair.

Should I dye my hair grey, and then maybe the re-growth won’t show so much? – probably quite pricey, and also you run the risk of the re-growth looking dreadful.

What makeup will suit me with grey hair? Will I still be able to wear my favourite hot pink lipstick? – personally I think this will look wicked with grey hair, so I intend to keep wearing it no matter what.

What colour should my eyebrows be?

What colour clothes will suit me?

Will having grey hair make me look older/washed out/etc?

Will I be confident enough to pull of what many would consider to be quite a daring look?

See – I told you there were a lot of questions. Personally, I am erring on the side of taking the plunge and dyeing it grey. I am sure there are disadvantages to this, and luckily for me (and you!) I have a friend who is a hairdresser, who may be able to shed some light. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “31 And Grey

  1. Yes yes yes! Stopped dying my hair at 32, (2012) and now get comments, positive comments, almost daily including asking where I get it done.
    My clothes haven’t changed, my eyebrows I darken a little. Which I wasn’t expecting to do. And my make up is the same, though it was always quite strong.
    It’s a long process that I almost gave up on several times, but I love it now I am here! Good luck. I’ll be following your progress.

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