The Silver Snooper: My Interview with Sarah

When I started this blog I thought it would be nice to interview as many people as possible, so that I could present a range of viewpoints and experiences.  I started following Sarah on Instagram recently, and when she commented on the blog I decided that she could be my first victim interviewee.


How old are you (if you don’t mind disclosing that!)?  I was 41 on Wednesday 🙂

When did you first start going grey?   I started going grey in my mid twenties I think – maybe a little later.

What made you decide to stop dyeing your hair and go fully grey? Was it a difficult decision?  How do you think it will work logistically?  How have people responded? I decided to go grey for several reasons. Firstly, I’m quite health-conscious. Since having my son in 2012 I’ve suspected I’m suffering from hormone issues and possibly thyroid problems. Having read up on this I don’t want to keep using unnecessary chemicals. Also, being brunette means greys reappear really quickly and I can’t afford to get my hair coloured every few weeks in a salon. Doing it myself is such a faff. I’ve realised as I get a bit older I’m caring less what people will think of me, and on the whole my friends and family have been really encouraging. To my face, anyway! It has been a long decision in the making but having looked up amazing-looking women like Sarah Harris and Caryn Franklin I’m willing to give it a try. Logistically, giving up the dye will make life simpler and I’m going to use the money I save on hair colour to buy myself the odd treat instead! The whole growing-out process does scare me a little bit and I’m dreading the stage where my roots are several inches long but I’ll deal with it.  I’m really comfortable with my decision and even announced it on Facebook. I was tired of people talking to my hairline in a not-very-subtle way. Now I find I’m looking in the mirror each morning and cheering on those silver strands!

How do you think that having grey hair will change your makeup/wardrobe, if at all?   I’m really excited about the changes I’ll make to my makeup and clothes. I think grey will look really good with red lipstick and denim (I’m a big fan of indigo). Not sure what happens with the eyebrows though…

What do you think that going grey means to women vs. men? Going grey is such a big thing for women. It’s seen as a sign of ageing, which in turn means we’re suddenly less desirable or even noticeable. You’re often seen as being washed-out, of having ‘let yourself go’. I do worry that when I pick my son up from school (he starts in September) I might be mistaken for his grandma. Of course, with men grey hair’s seen as a sign of being distinguished and worldly-wise and attractive; the George Clooney effect. Someone commented on my blog that they were looking forward to the day when there are as many grey-haired women on TV as there are men.


Sarah is a blogger, writer and photographer, and you can check out her blog here


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