Mothers – Who’d Have ‘Em?

I saw my mother at the weekend. Never one for dishing out compliments at the best of times, within minutes she looked at my roots and said to me ‘ooooh, you need to put some colour on your hair’. There’s really no-one who can get to the crux of one’s insecurities quite like one’s mother. I calmly explained that I was in fact going grey on purpose, and was growing out the grey because I was fed up of having to dye it all the time, it was damaging my hair and so on. I stopped short of saying to her that if anyone was to blame for my premature greyness it was her and her genes ;). We actually ended up having quite an interesting conversation about the perils of going grey (she still dyes her hair), and how when she started going grey in her early 30s she absolutely could not face it, and there was never any doubt in her mind whether to dye it or not. I explained that I was fed up of the fact that it is such a stigma for women, and that I actually thought it would look quite nice when it had fully grown out.

I should think myself lucky really. It was the first negative (and really not even that negative) comment that I have had about my hair, aside from my friend (who doesn’t have a grey hair on her head and therefore has no idea what I am dealing with) telling me that she would rather ‘grow old disgracefully’. I am expecting more comments as the roots start to grow out further, but we shall see.

On another note, today is pretty much the two-month anniversary of the blog, so here are a couple more photos of me not smiling for your delectation:

As you can see, the roots are really starting to show through now. I haven’t done anything about trying to amalgamate the existing hair colour with the roots yet, and don’t intend to for the time being. Aside from the fact that it looks a bit untidy, I really don’t mind the colour of the roots at all. I have been trying to take good care of the condition of it to stop it looking dry – coconut oil is good for this – and it actually looks quite nice on some days. As you can see from the top pic, they roots are considerably whiter at the front which is a bit annoying. This seems to be a pretty common pattern for greyness. I wonder why that is. I am also considering having it cut a bit shorter, so watch this space…


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