A Watched Pot Never Boils

I made a post on Instagram yesterday about how I feel like my hair has stopped growing and it provoked quite a few comments, so I thought I would write a quick blog post about it.

Since I decided to ditch the dye and started writing this blog, I have become pretty obsessed with my hair.  I have spent more time taking selfies and peering at my grey roots in the past 3 months than ever before.  This hasn’t been easy.  Believe it or not, I am not a natural selfie-taker, despite much evidence to the contrary.

I feel like I have reached the point at which things are starting to get hard.  The first few months were exciting, as I was propelled by determination, and preoccupied with the blog and meeting all of you.  It was novel.  However, that was bound to wear off to a certain degree and now I feel like my hair has stopped growing.  It hasn’t, of course.  Hair grows between a quarter of an inch and half an inch a month, all year round.  There isn’t actually any evidence that hair grows faster in the summer, which I was quite surprised to learn.  My current root length is about 2 inches, and the total length of my hair is about 7.5 inches, so I have 5.5 inches or 11 months left to go (assuming that it will grow half an inch per month!  Double that if it grows slowly).

The old idiom ‘a watched pot never boils’ has been around for years for a reason.  It’s why so many of us feel that our hair growth has plateaued.  We are impatient for all this to be over with.  It’s inconvenient and we feel that we don’t look our best.  For many people, the state of their hair is intrinsically tied to their sense of attractiveness, and it feels uncomfortable to deliberately go against their usual hair maintenance routine.  For this reason, we pay far too much attention to our rate of hair growth.

All that being said, there are a few things that you can do to make all of this a bit less painful:

  1. Cut all your hair off.  Not for everyone, and it won’t make your hair grow faster (cutting your hair does not make your hair grow faster.  Think about it.  It’s nonsense), but it will mean that your hair will be a uniform colour more quickly.
  2. Get more biotin in your diet.  I am pretty sceptical about supplements, but I do know people that take biotin tablets and say that they make their hair and nails grow quicker.  Proceed with caution.  Biotin deficiency is rare, and if you overdose on it you can get skin rashes among other things.  It’s always best to consult your doctor about such things.  Another option is to eat foods high in biotin (aka Vitamin H), such as eggs, nuts and legumes.  A good diet in general will help you to grow healthy hair and nails.
  3. Some people say that scalp massages help to stimulate growth, but again I am dubious.  Still, it feels nice and it can’t hurt.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again though: it’s only hair.  It WILL grow, and all this WILL be over eventually.  While I am moaning about my slow growth, I do try to remember that some people don’t have hair, or they have pattern baldness, or they have lost their hair to cancer.  Then I realise how lucky I am.


3 thoughts on “A Watched Pot Never Boils

  1. It IS only hair, but it is such an important part of who we are… I feel you so much right now. My roots aren’t as wide and silvery as yours (seriously, yours are so pretty), and I am struggling. My hair grows very fast, but it tends to slow down and fall out a lot during the summer months, so I am currently feeling pretty rubbish. To add more stress, my hair is long, and I’ve never brave short cuts like the pixie you shared on your instagram, mainly because it has a texture that would make it a nightmare to grow out. At this time, if I were brave enough, I would shave it all off 🙂

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  2. I’ve just started on my journey to grey and actually I have to admit I feel I’ve not even properly started yet as I am still getting highlights – my last haircut was the first one where I didn’t get a semi permanent as well. I have a haircut coming up this Thursday and will be asking for a few highlights to break up that grey line but that’s it!! Im pretty excited as I feel like I’m taking control…but I am scared of becoming obsessed!! This time two years ago I was pretty much obsessed with ditching my straighteners. I tried so many different curl enhancing products, read endless websites and obsessed over curl patterns and frizz but now my curls seem second nature and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m hoping I make similar peace with my grey, but am steeling myself for a rocky ride…

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    1. Thanks for your comments Fi and Grumpy Dudette, and thanks for reading! I am obsessed with my hair too – it’s hard not to be when going through this process! Good luck to both of you – we can spur each other on!


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