The Silver Snooper: My Interview with Chrissa


I met Chrissa on Instagram, and was very impressed by her general attitude to life, not to mention her fantastic hair. Here goes:

How old are you (if you don’t mind disclosing that!)? I just turned 48, and I’m not afraid to say it. I think I wear it well!

When did you first start going grey? Oh, I must have been in my late 20s. I colored my hair for so long, so I’m not absolutely certain.

What made you decide to embrace your grey hair? I always had it in my mind to let my silver show, but I kept putting it off, because I was afraid I might look old. I finally decided to let go of the dye about a year and a half ago. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, I was tired of the frequency of having to touch up my color, and two, I believe the chemicals in hair dye contributed to my mother’s dementia, and I don’t want that. She dyed her hair until she was in her early 80s. She’s 94 now.

Was it a difficult decision? No, it really wasn’t difficult, once I considered the possible ramifications of long-term dye use.

How did it work logistically? No problems at all logistically, or otherwise.

How have people responded? Most people love it, especially how it’s growing out in its own unique way.

How has having grey hair changed your makeup/wardrobe, if at all? It hasn’t changed anything at all. I will continue to wear what I want, and use whatever color makeup I want. Right now, I’m digging purple lipstick. A lot.

What do you think that going grey means to women vs. men? Historically, it’s been more accepted for men, because it makes them more distinguished, but not so much for women. Grey hair on women supposedly signals getting old and no longer being vibrant or desirable. I beg to differ on those point. Grey hair is sexy!

Chrissa is a lifestyle coach and personal trainer, and is on Instagram and Twitter as @thatchickagain. She also has a blog, here.


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