Product Review: White Hot Shampoo & Conditioner


Now, after my not-so-great experience with Aveda Blue Malva, I know I said that I was going to focus on the condition of my hair rather than worrying about the colour for the time being. But what if there is a shampoo out there that can take care of both?  Several of you mentioned White Hot on a recent Instagram post, so I decided to check it out.  You can request free samples of the shampoo and conditioner from their website, and I got two washes out of them.  If you’ve got long and/or thick hair, it’s probably only enough for one wash.

I must say I had never heard of White Hot before.  They were founded in Britain in 2013 by Jayne Mayled (who I would VERY much like to interview!), as she was transitioning to grey hair and decided to create products to suit her own hair.  Jayne has worked in the beauty industry for many years, and was Communications Director for Boots before she set up White Hot.  It has a refreshingly small range – two types of shampoo (‘Brilliant’ for brightening and ‘Glorious’ for shine), one conditioner, a Shooshing Crème for adding texture, Lifeshine Oil for shine and heat defense and an Intense Lustre Mask for…err…intense lustre.

I was sent the Brilliant shampoo and Luminous conditioner to test.  The Brilliant shampoo is designed to only be used once a week or so to tone down brassiness, while the Glorious shampoo should be used in between.  I’m not going to pretend that I can give a proper verdict after only two washes, but on first impressions I am very pleased.  In comparison to the Blue Malva, the shampoo seems richer and the conditioner is far superior.  The shampoo has a slight purple tinge to it, and has a pleasant but not overpowering smell.  It doesn’t lather particularly heavily – it took me two washes to get to a full lather.  This made me assume that it did not contain sulphates, but when I finally managed to find an ingredients list (by going onto Feel Unique as I couldn’t find it on the brand website – very infuriating!), it appears that it does contain SLS.  This is a bit disappointing as SLS irritates my scalp after long-term use.  On the White Hot website, it says that the sulphates are only used in small quantities, which would make sense given my earlier comments about the lather.

The conditioner is lovely.  Really rich and feels expensive.  My hair is pretty dry (especially the dyed bits!) and needs a good conditioner.  Unfortunately the Blue Malva doesn’t really measure up, so I would pick this any day.  Also it’s a lot cheaper – £21 for 250ml vs. £12 for 200ml.  The Blue Malva shampoo costs £30, but that is for 1l.

The range is made in the UK, not tested on animals and doesn’t seem to be sold in China.  In case you didn’t know, it is mandatory for any company manufacturing outside of China that sells cosmetics in China to conduct tests on animals.

I think that I am going to finish my current shampoo (Pantene, since you ask), and then probably will invest.  It’s much cheaper than Aveda, but the negatives are the sulphates, the fact that you are technically supposed to buy both shampoos, and also that they have no ingredients list on their website.  This drives me mad, which is largely (entirely) Caroline Hirons’ doing.

You can buy White Hot products from their website, and also from Boots, Feel Unique, Waitrose, Look Fantastic, HQ Hair and Beauty Expert.


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